52 Week Hi-Lo Exploration

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August 11, 2016
Comparitive Relative Strength in MetaStock™ for Windows
August 11, 2016
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52 Week Hi-Lo Exploration

ColB: {52-week High} HighestSince(1, (DayOfMonth()=08 AND
AND Year()=1998), H);
ColC: {52-week Low} LowestSince(1, (DayOfMonth()=08 AND
Month()=05 AND
Year()=1998), L);

{Choose one of these filters}
{Filter 1:} ColA >= (0.9*(ColB))
{Filter 2:} ColB >= 2*ColC

{If you want both the conditions to be satisfied in the
same query, just
join the two filters by the AND operator:}

Filter: (ColA >= (0.9*(ColB)) AND ColB >= ColC)

{One problem with the 52-wk High and 52-wk Low formula–every
day you’ve got
to change the values for dayofmonth(), Month() and Year()
functions. The
formula given above assumes that you would be running the
query on May 07,
1998. Change the values of the above functions accordingly.}