MetaStock APAC Online Traders Summit – Saturday 18th April 2020

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March 12, 2020
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April 20, 2020
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MetaStock APAC Online Traders Summit – Saturday 18th April 2020

You’re invited to join us at the Online Traders APAC Summit on Saturday, 18th April 2020 for 6 hours of trading instruction.

Six industry experts are going to show you what it takes to be a successful trader in ANY market with ANY account size. This event is for traders of all levels, and all presentations will be recorded and delivered to everyone that registers.

Even if you can’t make the session on 18th April, register now to receive the recorded sessions sessions and bonuses.

Trading the ‘Risk On – Risk Off’ Scenario
8 am – 9 am Singapore Time

Brad Gilbert

Trading during major geopolitical events is problematic at best and that’s because we can’t usually see what’s driving the market. It’s not like watching the release of the US CPI data for instance, which has a specific release time, the data is either better or worse and we can actively trade that release. It has a start, finish, and a result. Easy, right?

But there are certain financial instruments you can watch during geopolitical issues to gauge what will happen to the currencies. This scenario is often referred to as ‘Risk On-Risk Off’markets, especially by media outlets.

Using Metastock, Brad will show you how to set up your charts so that you know exactly what to look for and what you can expect to happen as the flow-on effect ripples through the Bond, Equity and Forex markets. It will truly add an extra dimension to your trading skills and knowledge.

Developing a Simple and Profitable Trading Plan with Technical Analysis
9 am – 10 pm Singapore Time

Gary Burton

During this session, Gary will show the working concepts of Dow Theory in trend analysis in two time frames.

Combine this application with some very basic pattern analysis and a very simple and effective trading plan can be devised.

Gary will show his own trading results based on these methods and discuss the importance of Stop Loss as the way to profit.

How to Protect and Grow Your Account During Volatile Markets
10 am – 11 am Singapore Time

Robin Ho

The Synergy of Price, Volume and Trade plan – the Key to Trading Success.

How do top traders identify trading opportunities and make precise trading calls? Ask any successful trader, and you will find that their trading strategy usually involves planning out their trades and sticking to their plans.

In this session, Mr. Robin Ho will be sharing about how to use the price and volume to create a trading plan and the importance of trading with a plan. With recent case studies of real trades, Robin will also share how his trade plans have helped him take high probability trades using his proprietary price and volume action strategies.

Covid Strategy
11 am – 12 pm Singapore Time

Daryl Guppy

COVID has changed the economic landscape so old certainties are no longer as certain. Ideas of what constitutes fair value or a good company may have changed. We will look at the 5 R components of recovery and use these to identify the best areas in the market to search for trade and investment opportunities.

There are no historical precedents for this market because the depth of market participation, the available trading instruments, and analysis algorithms are very very different from 1918, 1930 and 1987. A trade is still a trade but the execution of trades is in a very new environment where debt and recovery are uncertain.

Daryl Guppy will examine these factors, discuss how these shape our search for opportunity and then explain the trading methods and tools that are appropriate and those tools that are now less appropriate. He will also discuss some methods that can be used for recovery trading and explain how this is different from revenge trading.

Integrating Metastock’s Newest Tools into Your Workflow
12 pm – 1 pm Singapore Time

Hunter Smith

Metastock 17 has some truly amazing new tools. From Quotecenter to Optionscope, learn how these tools work and more importantly how to integrate them into your current workflow. Learn the process Hunter uses to find trades, create watch lists, research option chains and much more.

Top 10 Habits of Successful Traders
1 pm – 2 pm Singapore Time

Stuart McPhee

Based on extensive personal trading coaching, Stuart will explore different habits that aspiring traders should develop in order to offer themselves the best chance of consistent profitability.

He will discuss his own beliefs on developing a trading strategy that will work for you and explain why many successful traders use data to drive their decisions. Stuart will cover the often-overlooked importance of selecting your suitable time frame, and then explain how successful traders use consistency to their advantage.

Finally, he will cover critical risk management rules that have stood the test of time and that will make or break you as a trader.

Register now to receive the recorded sessions sessions and bonuses.

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