MetaStock MQ Trender Pro 2.0

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MetaStock MQ Trender Pro 2.0

MetaStock have just launched MQ Trender Pro 2.0 and the response has been awesome.

The reason is simple… MQ Trender Pro 2.0 is designed to help you quickly and easily determine the market environment and direction on any timeframe. One of the main goals of MQ Trender Pro 2.0 is to help you stay in winning positions longer, filter out losing trades, and increase profitability.

MQ Trender Pro not only shows trend but also trend strength. It provides insight into the current bias of a stock, dynamically determining this bias as bars load. Each bar is automatically color-coded to represent Strongly Bearish (red) and Strongly Bullish (green) with a spectrum in between.

When it skips colors, it’s revealing the aggressiveness of the move – it’s a great way to immediately see the state of the trend.

Also included in MQ Trender Pro 2.0 is MQ Momentum. This indicator is designed to find the underlying momentum in your stocks.

MQ Trend Pro 2.0 also provides automatic buy and sell signals, signal explorations, and the ability to find securities that are primed for a purchase opportunity. This means you’ll be able to:

  • Get detailed bar by bar feedback with plain English definitions
  • Scan thousands of stocks to find the best to trade now
  • Get real-time up to the second buy/sell signals and alerts

Watch this informative video to see a demonstration of MQ Trender Pro 2.0.

For a limited time, you can get MQ Trender Pro 2.0 Trader for only $999 (You Save $500).

You can order online here.

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