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How to Value a Stock with ValueCharts

Join Edward Stemplevich as he walks you through our newest add-on ValueCharts. When buying or selling, knowing value is more important than knowing price. Knowing value is the core philosophy behind ValueCharts® patented methodologies. The underlying, patented technology reveals the market’s current value instantaneously. With one glance you can determine if the price is undervalued, overvalued, or fairly valued. This is determined by not the clock or by price, but by relative value. By entering a market when it undervalued it increases the odds that you will see a move higher. In this one hour webinar Edward will show you how to ascertain the value of a security and combine it with momentum to find winning trade setups. About Edward Stemplevich Edward Stemplevich has been at MetaStock for over two years as one of our top sales professionals. During his time at MetaStock he has worked extensively with traders all over the world. Edward has spoken on a wide variety of trading topics including Stocks, Futures, and FOREX. He focuses on helping traders by taking the time to understand their needs, then mentoring them on ways to use MetaStock to identify opportunities based on the way they want to trade. ---- Contact Edward Stemplevich directly at 800-587-8062 (US & CA) or +1-801-506-1003 (International) • email • Chat Live at ask for Edward

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Add-on Spotlight - CandleStick Profit Systems 2.0

Join David Derricott for a walk through of one of MetaStock's most popular add-ons. Created by Steve Bigalow, the Candle Profit Systems add-on combines conventional and some non-conventional candle patterns with solid trend analysis to allow you to focus on the best opportunities. Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System has been rated one of the best add-ons for any software by the readers of Stocks and Commodities magazine multiple times. It's one of the most popular and best-received MetaStock add-ons. Candle Profit System 2.0 includes the patterns that Steve uses in his everyday trading and that he’s been teaching for years in the classroom. Many of these are commonly formed, very easy to follow, and work in all time frames and on all instruments. In total, this add-on will identify 36 of Steve’s most popular and loved patterns. It will identify them on the chart instantly, give clear descriptions of the patterns as soon as they form, and allow you to explore thousands of securities to find your favorite on the chart. We hope to see you for this special one hour preview of the Candle Profit Systems. About the presenter David Derricott has been at MetaStock for over 14 years as one of the top sales professionals. During his time at MetaStock, he has extensively presented to traders all over the world in online webinars and live presentations. Dave has spoken on a wide variety of trading topics including stocks, futures, Forex, and cryptocurrencies. Dave focuses on helping traders by taking the time to understand their needs and spending time mentoring them on ways to use MetaStock to identify opportunities base don the way they want to trade. ---- Questions? Email the presenter at or chat live at Make sure to ask for Dave.

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Add-on Spotlight - Identifying bullish trends with Endeavor for MetaStock

In this webinar, Ryan covered his simple but powerful approach to finding his own trading opportunity. His process for finding these winning trades is simple: 1. Identify Stocks in a Bullish phase. He calls this the Endeavor phase 2. Identify Stocks that are poised for a good entry now 3. Identify your exact entry, stop loss, and exit prices This three step process has been in use by Ryan in his own trading and money management for years. He's had such good success with it, he has automated the process in his Endeavor add-on. Using this add-on you'll be able to quickly identify stocks ripe for trading using his color coded methodology. These unique color codings allow you to identify trades based on the length of the specific setups. His color codes include: • Green: Long-term upward trends that can last from months to years. • Blue: Short-term upward trends that have momentum. • Blue II: Consolidation before creating short-term upward momentum. • Black: Full rebound after a substantial pullback from a high. • Black II: Partial rebound after a substantial pullback from a high. In addition, all of these specific methodologies include Ryan's Smart Get-Outs. Smart Get-Out’s provide a realistic view on where price is likely to move before an exit is necessary. They provide both upside projections for price and downside risk. These are Smart Get-Outs are given to you as exact exit prices and profit targets. ---- As a special trial offer, Ryan is offering a two month trial on the Simplicity Trading Systems' Endeavor Add-on for MetaStock. Right now you can purchase a month and get a free month. You can also get a 1-month trial of MetaStock, if you don't already have it. Get this special offer here today or call us at (800) 882 3040 (US & CA) or +1 (801) 506 0900 (International). You can also chat live with a product specialist if you prefer.

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