MetaStock XV is Here is proud to announce of release of the latest version of MetaStock – MetaStock XV.

MetaStock XV remains available as MetaStock D/C and MetaStock R/T.

Here’s the short list of improvements/additions to the program:

  • Offline Mode
  • Read Local Data
  • New Data Format
  • Support for MSFL data format
  • New Downloader
  • RDL 2.0
  • Customize Time Frames on Explorer, System Tester, Forecaster (Scan & Test on anytime frame)
  • Forecaster Time Frames

One of the big questions we have been getting is if a Reuters Data provider is still required to run MetaStock.   The answer is no – like earlier version of MetaStocks, customers can use their own data provider.   They will only need to pay a $10 annual maintenance fee to get access to the software, support, and any patches.

Bottom Line

To purchase the software outright, the price remains the same – USD$499 for D/C.  However if you are an existing registered user of MetaStock, you only have to pay an upgrade fee based on your current version.

  • Current licence is V14 – upgrade fee of USD$129
  • Current licence is V13 or older – upgrade fee of USD$249

If you are upgrading, you need to do so manually, either by contacting the office (phone: +61 3 88020593) or by completing and submitting an order form.


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