MetaStock’s Magic Trader Elite

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January 22, 2021
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MetaStock’s Magic Trader Elite

MetaStock is pleased to announce our latest, greatest add-on … Magic Trader® Elite.

15 years in the making, Magic Trader® Elite is the work of Market Expert Peter Dalal and is designed to simplify trading and save time with a unique system of risk analysis. It uses patented visual cues to focus on the results, without the need to understand complicated technical analysis.

Watch the Video Demonstration to see how Magic Trader® Elite can help you become a more educated and successful trader.

At the core of Magic Trader® Elite are 9 “ingredients” that provide simple, yet accurate analysis. These include:

  • Magic Lines – Indicates whether bulls or bears control the market
  • Blue Line – Identifies trends and denotes bullish/bearish territory
  • Magic Zone Lines – Divides the price into risk zones
  • Entry Spikes – Identifies potential entry points
  • Health Risk Indicator – Shows internal health of an instrument
  • Directional Lines – Detect strong bullish or bearish trends
  • Magic Volatility Combinator – Measures volatility and indicates bullishness/bearishness
  • Candle Colors – Neutral bars, warnings, and sudden trend changes
  • Price Preceptors – Represent bearish and bullish believers price risk factors

With the Expert Advisor™ and its built-in commentary tools, you will get a complete detailed explanation of the Magic Trader® Elite Ingredients. Magic Trader® Elite includes two experts. This includes a Magic Trader® Elite and a Magic Trader® Elite for Options.

With the Expert Commentary, you get important index levels, Important Daily Levels, summary breakdowns of the major ingredients, warnings, and breakdowns.

In summary, Magic Trader® Elite seamlessly pulls together and organizes a great deal of information to help you plan your trades with ease.

Magic Trader® Elite includes everything listed below:

  • 58 Indicators
  • 40 Explorations
  • 2 Expert Advisors
  • 35 Templates
  • 120 Page Manual
  • Best of all, you can subscribe to Magic Trader® Elite at the limited-time introductory price of only $149/month* (Reg. $199).

Magic Trader® Elite is truly a revolutionary trading tool.

Click here to learn more ….

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