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August 28, 2017
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MetaStock’s Online Traders Summit

8 hours of FREE online training

September 9, 2017

Eight Market Experts are going to show you what it takes to be a successful trader in ANY market with ANY account size. These are all seasoned traders who have weathered difficult market conditions and have come out ahead.

This event is for traders of any level, and all presentations will be recorded and delivered to everyone that registers. Even if you can’t make the session on September 9, subscribe now to receive the recorded sessions.

BONUS: Many presenters are offering bonus items to everyone who registers to attend.    Find out more about the bonus items.

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The Bobble / T-Line Crunch: A Little-Known, Extremely High-Profit Pattern Setup
10 am – 11 pm ET • Steve Bigalow

The Bobble Pattern is an extremely high-profit-potential trade setup. It is developed with very simple logic based on clear, easy-to-visualize candlestick analysis.

When you are able to spot the “unusual” Bobble Pattern, you can gain a true edge over all other investors in the market by understanding dynamic situations that they don’t.

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The Complete Big Fish Trading System
11 am – 12 pm ET • Presented by Dave Aquino

Big Fish Trading Strategy: Catching the Big Moves in Stocks & ETFs with Minimized Risk

Here are a few of the specific “Big Fish” trading secrets Dave will unveil:

  • How to quickly find the “Big Fish” trades… and ratchet your risk down…
  • How to tap into the deepest secrets of the savviest, most successful long term traders in the market
  • How to catch the Big Move right from the start (the secret of the “Entry Trade” that’s the key to the whole system)
  • The “real” secret of the Average True Range
  • The Power of Multiple Time Frames

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Proprietary Indicators Pinpoint Market Trades
12 pm – 1 pm ET • Presented by Wendy Kirkland

This presentation is approximately 45 Minutes of analyzing chart indicators that zero in on explosive upside and downside moves, utilizing special indicators that pinpoint the essential elements for success. Using these unique indicators the process zeros in on equities with large consistent moves, focuses on those that have reached extreme overbought and oversold and are changing direction and points to trades with confirmed entries. In this session you will learn:

  • When you win a majority of the time and cut losses short, you reach LIFE-CHANGING success quickly
  • A trade plan that can greatly improve your trading success. These proprietary indicators zero in on explosive upside/downside moves and can be used in a variety of time frames

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What Top Traders Know that Most Traders Don’t
1 pm – 2 pm ET • Presented by Fausto Pugliese

In this presentation, Fausto will explain how you, as a small, independent trader, can stay alive and thrive in a game that’s dominated by the “Big Boys.” By understanding how “Smart Money” operates, Fausto has developed a powerful trading system that actually spots and rides the coattails of these traders and market makers so that you can stay on the right side of the market.

Fausto’s refined trading style is a modern twist on tape-reading; combining Level II data, time and sales orders, and the little-known Level III program to accurately analyze the stock and take the highest probability trades. This presentation is for both beginners and advanced traders alike who are interested in learning powerful new concepts that can quickly be added to their arsenal.

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My 3 Favorite Strategies in MetaStock
2 pm – 3 pm ET • Presented by Jeff Gibby

In this one hour session, Jeff Gibby will discuss his favorite trading strategies included in MetaStock. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify trends in a stock
  • Identify specific entries, exits
  • Place stops
  • Stocks that have penetrated a support and resistance area
  • Automatically find stocks that have penetrated a trend line
  • Scoring a Stock for its Bullish/Bearish reversal behavior

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Survive and Thrive in Volatile Markets
3 pm – 4 pm ET • Presented by Don Kaufman

Join TheoTrade Co-Founder Don Kaufman for a detailed look behind how to position your portfolio, investments, and trading accounts for the onslaught of coming volatility. Learn why negative interest rates, poor fiscal reforms, and quantitative easing will lead to one of the most advantageous markets in recent history.

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Trading Options for High Returns with Low Risk
4 pm – 5 pm ET • Presented by Rick Saddler

In this session, Rick Saddler, founder of Hit and Run Candlesticks (also a trading coach and runs a live trading room every day) will cover the patterns that have made him a very successful short-term swing trader. Rick put in the time and effort over his 29 years in the market to fine tune these patterns. He knows and understands the nuances of each pattern and will be sharing that information with you in this session.

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Three Key Metrics For Consistent Trading Success
5 pm – 6 pm ET • Presented by Vlad Karpel

Making clear, well thought-out trading decisions is a part of becoming a more skilled trader.

If you’re not using Return on Capital, Probability of Success, and Estimated Move Analysis to measure whether or not a stock is a sensible buy, then you could fall prey to making impulsive trading decisions.

In this session, Vlad shows you how to use these three key trading metrics to gauge the potential success of a trade and determine if you should include it in your trading plan.

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Q & A Session
6 pm – 6:30 pm ET • Presented by Jeff Gibby

In this 30-minute wrap-up session, Jeff Gibby will be answering your questions.

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