End of Life for Old MetaStock Versions

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November 1, 2016
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End of Life for Old MetaStock Versions

It is important you are aware of a decision MetaStock have made in relation to older versions of their software.

As at the end of January 2017, MetaStock will be ending the life of the MetaStock 11 program.  Customers who are currently using MetaStock 10 or 11 will continue to be able to use it.  Starting 1st February 2017 however, MetaStock will no longer support the licensing technology that allows customers to install MetaStock on a new computer or to reinstall it onto a current hard drive.

By the way, MetaStock 10 is over 10 years old.  When it comes to software, that is ancient.  Their decision to end of life MetaStock 10 and 11 is completely in line with every other software that is available.

If you are currently using MetaStock 10 or 11, it will continue to work.  MetaStock will continue to support MetaStock 10 and 11 as much as reasonably possible, but if you require a new installation, or reactivation for any reason, the licensing server is no longer available.

I understand that some clients choose to continue using these older versions of MetaStock due to their ability to function with local data and operate offline. As you probably know, MetaStock have re-incorporated these features into the latest Version 15.

For a limited time MetaStock are offering a discounted upgrade price for clients affected by these changes.  This pricing (all in US dollars) will be as follows :

  • MetaStock Pro 10 and 11 clients can upgrade for only $199.
  • MetaStock EOD 10 and 11 clients can upgrade for only $149.

If you would like to upgrade please contact the office – 03 8802 0593.

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