Important notice regarding MetaStock XENITH

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September 15, 2017
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October 2, 2017
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Important notice regarding MetaStock XENITH

The following updates to MetaStock XENITH are going into effect on 26th October 2017:

  • Quote List will no longer be accessible from the Apps Library, Autosuggest and Helios Menu.
  • The “QL” and F2 shortcuts will launch Monitor in place of Quote List.
  • All Applications that “Pop-Out” Quote Lists will now “Pop-Out” Monitor.
  • User data will be preserved, and all instances of Quote List that have been saved into a workspace will remain. However, no new instances of Quote List will be allowed.
  • In addition to feature parity with Quote List, the new Monitor App will include the following functionalities:
    • Conditional Coloring allowing users to configure their Monitor as a dashboard by highlighting data that is important to them, based on custom criteria.
    • Custom Classifications of embedded lists, Index constituents, and sections of a Monitor list.
    • Custom Formulas and Calculations allowing the user to compute values based on two or more fields and create calculations between different columns, including if statement, and standard algebraic formulas.

We have prepared this brief video to show you more about the features of XENITH’s Monitor.

Watch the Monitor Video

If you have additional questions about XENITH’s Monitor features contact a support representative.

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