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MetaStock 16 is Here

MetaStock XVI has been released. 

The biggest changes can be seen in the Explorer, arguably the most powerful and most commonly used component of MetaStock.

Specifically, within the Explorer it allows you to:

  • Add frequently used explorations to favorites allows you one click selection
  • Look at scan reports while the explorer is running
  • The ability to look at charts from your explorations without closing the report window
  • Better abilities to work with multiple explorations and multiple reports
  • A more refined look, feel,and workflow with explorations.

In summary, the new features for MetaStock XVI include: 

  • Re-Imagined Explorer
  • Favorites for both Systems Tests and Explorations
  • Most Recently Used Indicators to allow customers easier access to the indicators they use regularly.
  • The ability to look at instruments by name or symbol
  • On the fly editing of local data from an open chart
  • Brand new Candle Pattern Scans
  • The Adaptive Cycle Toolkit based on John Ehlers work
  • Dave Landry’s New systems and methods
  • Two new templates (Gold and Oil) for the popular Sector Stat templates
  • The new Dynamic Trading Tools Template

NEW – Improved MetaStock Explorer

The Explorer has been re-imagined with a more friendly interface to help you identify the information you need more quickly.  Watch the Video

  • Instantly know the number of results and rejects while being able to see the name of your scan, run time, and if a filter is being applied, interval, and periods displayed in one screen
  • Click “View Details” to quickly view your exploration overview and details
  • View all explorations reports in one window rather than going through each one individually
  • Double click on any row in the exploration report and it will open your chart
  • Leave the exploration report open and work with your charts at the same time
  • View all past exploration results in one easy to access screen

NEW – Improved Interface and Usability

One of the great features in MetaStock is the huge amount of systems and securities available to you as a trader. It’s important to get what you want when you need it. That’s why we’ve included the following usability features in MetaStock XVI:

  • Favorites – Add ANY exploration or system test to your favorites. The favorites list is displayed at the top of the Exploration Window or Systems Test Window, making it easy for you to quickly access your preferred work flows. As an added bonus you can now view all results from only your favorite Explorations or all explorations.   Watch the Video
  • Most Recently Used Indicators List – See the 20 most recently used indicators on your indicator quick list – right at the top. This makes your most used indicators much easier to find and apply to your charts.  Watch the Video
  • Sort by Name or Symbol – Rank your symbols in the Power Console by “Name” or “Symbol.” This makes finding the right symbol quicker and easier.  Watch the Video
  • Double Click to Open Charts – Simply double click on symbols in the Power Console instrument list to open the Chart.  Watch the Video

NEW Ways to Edit Local Data

There are now two ways to edit your local data (MS Local and CSV).

  1. Edit your data in the downloader in the data sheet
  2. If you prefer, edit local data directly from a chart in MetaStock by right clicking on the price and choosing to edit data. This will bring up a datasheet right in MetaStock that you can use to edit the data.

NEW Candle Pattern Scans
There are 5 new explorations based on CandleStick Patterns:

  • CandleStick Bearish Patterns – Identifies 6 Patterns
  • CandleStick Bullish Patterns – Identifies 6 Patterns
  • CandleStick Continuation Patterns – Identifies 3 Patterns
  • CandleStick Doji Patterns – Identifies 8 Patterns
  • CandleStick Reversal Patterns – Identifies 12 Patterns

NEW Adaptive Cycle Toolkit

Formerly a separate add-on selling for $399, Adaptive Cycle Toolkit is now included in MetaStock XVI. ACT has two completely new sets of indicators and trading tools that harness the power of digital signal processing based on the research of John Ehlers.  Find out more.

NEW Sector Stat Systems
Building on the success of the Sector Stat systems included in MetaStock 15, users will now have two new systems – Oil and Metal.  Find out more.

Dave Landry Systems

Dave Landry is well known among professionals as a no-nonsense trader. His approach to trend pattern identification is simple and allows you to find both long and short-term opportunities. We were so impressed with his systems, we included his favorites in MetaStock XVI.  Watch the Video.

Upgrade Prices (until 30 June 2018)

If you currently own MetaStock D/C XV, you can upgrade to MetaStock D/C XVI now for only US$129 (US$229 if you have a version older than XV). That’s $70 off the normal upgrade price.

If you currently own MetaStock R/T XV, you can upgrade to MetaStock R/T XVI now for only US$199 (US$299 if you have a version older than XV). That’s $100 off the normal upgrade price.



  1. Michael says:


    Are Metastock customers still required to pay an annual maintenance fee to use/upload their own data?

  2. Stuart McPhee says:

    Yes that is correct. There is a US$10 annual ‘maintenance’ fee in order to use your own / 3rd party data service.

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