Frequently Asked Questions

Proprietary scanning, endless customization, comprehensive back-testing, and revolutionary forecasting makes MetaStock the best choice for the self-directed trader.  Below are some commonly asked questions.

If you still have a question unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1What is MetaStock?

MetaStock is one of the world's most popular charting software packages.

MetaStock is a full-featured, professional-level charting program, and the world's most powerful technical analysis software for traders.

At its core are the charting capabilities that have made it an industry standard, but it is much, much more. The MetaStock Powertools allow you to sort through potentially thousands of securities for specific criterion within minutes, backtest your strategies or the many pre-installed strategies, reference the advice of experts and create your own indicators for your own concepts and ideas.

What’s more, with MetaStock’s own powerful programming language, the customization possibilities in MetaStock are almost endless.

2I have an old version of MetaStock. What is the current version, how do I upgrade and how much does it cost?

The current version of MetaStock is 15 and yes, absolutely you can upgrade quite easily.

Better than that, as you have previously purchased a copy of MetaStock, you only pay around half the price for the latest version - currently US$229.

The best way to order an upgrade is to complete an order form and send it to the office

You can download a copy of the order form here.

3What is the difference between MetaStock R/T and MetaStock D/C?

R/T stands for real-time and D/C for daily charts. Essentially the biggest difference between the two is the type or periodicity of the data you have access to.

Other than tick by tick bars, MetaStock R/T can display any intraday time frame in the range of 1 minute to 1439 minutes (ie. 1 minute less than 24 hours). With MetaStock D/C you can display any combination of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly bars.

Another major difference is how each obtains its market data. MetaStock R/T is powered by MetaStock Xenith which is a software and data module that provides you with advanced, fully customizable analytical capabilities, and comprehensive cross asset live / real-time data. MetaStock D/C obtains its data through Reuters DataLink which provides end-of-day data for open, high, low, close and volume information.

Apart from the major of differences of data available and data sources, MetaStock R/T and MetaStock D/C are almost identical in the way they operate and the analytical functions they can perform.

MetaStock R/T was formerlly known as MetaStock Pro and MetaStock D/C was known as MetaStock EOD.

4What is XENITH?

MetaStock XENITH is an information platform that accompanies MetaStock R/T providing the real-time data. It also is loaded with real-time news & data, fundamentals, economic reporting, analytics, and much more, MetaStock XENITH is quite simply the most powerful platform available to the private trader.

Now you can find the essential news, data, commentary, and analytics you need, all in one place. Search all content in powerful new ways. Each result delivers related content, anticipating your next step.

You can read more about the powerful Xenith product here.

5What is DataLink?

DataLink is an end-of-day data service provided by Reuters that accompanies MetaStock D/C and provides market data for the ASX and almost every stock exchange and futures market in the world. DataLink provides the following data fields for a symbol: Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, and Open Interest.

The historical data goes back at least 15 years, often times with more. There are many different software programs that are compatible with DataLink.

6What is the difference between the subscription and purchase versions of MetaStock?

MetaStock can either be subscribed to on an ongoing basis or purchased outright.

The subscription includes the MetaStock software and accompanying data feed and can be paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. If the subscription is cancelled, neither the software nor the data feed are accessible.

The purchase version contains the MetaStock software only and is purchased for a one-time charge. The software is always accessible because you own it and have paid for it outright however you are not able to plot any current data without an active data subscription.

7Do I have to use MetaStock's data feed?

Yes and no.

If you wish to use MetaStock R/T, you must use the Xenith product to obtain the market data. For MetaStock D/C, you can either use the Reuters DataLink service or one of many 3rd party services that offer MetaStock compatible data feeds.

You can read more about this here.

8What time frames can be displayed inside MetaStock?
Other than tick by tick bars, MetaStock R/T can display any intraday time frame in the range of 1 minute to 1439 minutes. MetaStock D/C can display any combination of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly bars.
9Can I download and install the software after I purchase it or do I need to have it shipped?
Both MetaStock R/T and MetaStock D/C are downloadable immediately after purchase. Once you complete your purchase, the downloadable file(s) will be located under My Account | My Downloads. The manual is also available as a PDF in the software installation.
10I use Apple - how will I go running MetaStock on a Mac (Apple)?

Officially MetaStock is not supported when installed onto a Mac computer. However, we have many clients using MetaStock on the new Macs with the Intel processor and they have reported that they've encountered minimal issues.

While we haven't tested MetaStock on Macs, our discussions with customers using it indicate that for the most stable Mac environment, the Windows operating system must be running through a Mac application called Boot Camp. Similar applications may not work properly (for example Parallels or Virtual Machine).

MetaStock software installed on a Mac computer is eligible for the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. All conditions and requirements apply to Mac users regardless of the timing or nature of potential Mac related issues.

MetaStock will make every effort to provide support for running our software on a Mac and help customers troubleshoot issues they encounter; however as we have not officially tested MetaStock in this environment, we are unable to guarantee support beyond a reasonable effort.

11I want to order but I don't want to go through a website - how can I order another way?

If you don't wish to go through the website, the best way to order anything, including a free trial, subscription or purchase is to complete an order form and send it to the office

You can download a copy of the order form here.

Alternatively, give the office a call and we can take your order manually over the phone.

12Can I can create my own indicators in MetaStock, in order to fully customise my software and test my own ideas?
Absolutely! MetaStock is highly customisable and one of the major components is the Indicator Builder. The Indicator Builder provides you so much flexibility. You can read more about it here.
13Why do you need my credit card for a free trial? What happens after the free 30 days?

The reason for taking credit card details is it allows us to qualify serious trial users from everyone else. It helps us remove the 'tyre-kickers'.

At the end of the trial period, you have 3 options:

- cancel your trial and there will be no further use of the software
- do nothing and your trial will automatically roll over to a month by month subscription for software and ASX data which costs US$59 per month for a MetaStock D/C package or more for MetaStock R/T
- purchase the software outright for a once off licence fee of US$449 (D/C) and then pay a monthly data fee of US$27.95 per month (for D/C and at least US$99 for R/T.

If you go with option 2 above, you are never locked in to any period or time / commitment - you can purchase the software at any time.